US Nationwide Shipping PLUS Local Delivery

How to get Zero Waste Refills

Rather you are getting your natural, no-single-use plastic products shipped or delivered locally, you get credit for each reusable container you return to My Eco Shop.

How Local (Akron, OH) Delivery Works

We carry low-zero waste, natural products for you and your home in refillable, reusable containers or compostable/recyclable bags. 

Ordering from My Eco Shop is easy. Just select your products and we'll deliver them to your door.

For refills, think traditional milkman style: we bring you full containers and take your empty ones to be cleaned, refilled, and redelivered. 

We have a $15 minimum order for local (within 20 miles) delivery and a $3-5 delivery fee (depending on address), or free delivery if order is over $50 or are a Subscribe & Save Member.

We also offer free pick-up for all customers at Northside Marketplace (21 N. Furnace St. Akron).